Haiti, You can Help!

Haiti Needs You!

By Amy Price PhD

We have great friends Dr. Evan and Dr Donna Morgan who build wells, orphanages, churches and schools for people in Haiti. We have known them for thirty years. There is a little about the work at Http://cupofcoldwater.org  They have made an appeal for assistance in rebuilding families after the earthquake. Help will go to anyone regardless of race or religion. I have included a story of one of the survivors. The address to send help is included. Please consider sending help if you are unable to go yourself.  Aid will go to help those who need it regardless of religion or nationality. This is the story of a young father who survived. 

Dear Friends:
Finally, we have word directly from Benite! As you read through this letter you will see why he has not been able to communicate with us. My heart aches for the plight of this community of Vignier.
Thank you to those of you who have already contributed toward this project. Your gift is such a huge blessing.
To those of you who would now like to make a donation, you can either phone me directly (902-471-3333) to give a credit card donation; or you can send a cheque/money order to:Fellowship of Christians, 147 Chandler Drive, Lr Sackville, NS   B4C 1Y3
All funds (100%) will go to Haiti for rebuilding and restoring the Vignier compound, as well as for immediate relief for the community.  You will receive a tax deductible charitable receipt.
Here is the report in Benite’s own words:
It was 4 :53 when I was getting ready to attend a conference at 5PM with a professor. Sunddenly, I heard a great noise and a big shaking. I run to open the door to go outside. I stand in front of the door and a voice told me not to open it and I went to hide under the desks in the room and in seconds the heavy concrete ceiling fell down. Dust, breathing hard, thinking about my family, my wife, my little Daisie, I could hear the others crying already  for help. It reminds me instantly about what had happened when a school collapsed in Port-au-Prince 2 years ago where children stayed there for 2, 3 days under the rubbles. I thought that It was going to be the same happenning to me.

   Instantly, I began to say that I am not going to die now. I found a crack of about 14 inches  high between two concrete beams( Concrete beam of the floor that I was on and the beam of the ceiling under which I was) and I scrolled myself out and jumped about 20 feet from the first floor. I am alive but I am still under shock, traumatized when I still see myself laughing with the person behind me and in front of me a few seconds before the event. I am still wondering why I am still alive ? How could I be here still ?

The country has lost a lot, it country to rebuild. We lost human ressources, professors, entrepreneurs, teachers, workers, students, etc. According to the last estimates some 150,000 or more have died and more than 250,000 are wounded. Thousands of houses are destroyed, either in Port-au-Prince  or outside of Port-au-Prince.

In Vignier, where we live, we have lost many things :

1.      The school has collapsed and need to be rebuilt.

2.      We lost chairs, benches, desks, file cabinets

3.      The sewing classroom has been destroyed with every thing inside

4.      The cafeteria is on the point to collapse and need to be demolished as soon as possible

5.      The depot where we used to put food and other items is on the point to fell down. It needs to be demolished before it fell down by itself.

6.      We lost our solar panels for they were on top of the school

7.      The front of the church is destroyed and need big repair.

8.      Money that I have to do payroll and to buy food is lost under the rubbles, papers, documents, my adress book, etc.

9.      I lost most of my clothes, my shoes

10.  I lost my laptop, my phones and most of the numbers.

11.  My satellite dish is impacted and I had to come to an internet cafe to write you.

12.  I am sleeping me and my family and some other familes outside.

That was what had happened on the compound in Vignier but there are many others in Vignier and around that lost their houses as well. So, it is a tough situation but it is not over yet.

Haiti needs you and Vignier needs you and I need you.

1.      Prayers for Haiti, for the work in Vignier, I am still under that shock and I am traumatized sometimes.

2.      Your advice is needed on how to approach the situation

3.      We need builders- Construction teams- come and help us  rebuilt.

4.      Be our agent to help mobilize ressources to help rebuild Vignier, Haiti, etc.

5.      Doctors, nurses to come to help in the restoration of people physically, mentally, spiritually

6.      Etc.

We need you to stand alongside of us now so that we can get back on our feet for the situation is terrible.

We love you all and thank you

Benite Jeune